Enjoy a range of exclusive ScotlandIS member discounts from insurance to accounting software.

除了促销, 博天堂入口团队代表您进行网络和游说工作, through your ScotlandIS membership you can access a diverse range of business benefits.

从必需品,如保险, password management and accounting software to assistance with organising and hosting events, 这些好处将有助于有效和高效地运行您的业务.

您还可以利用我们的折扣托管服务, that provides protection for users of software applications so that if an “enabling” event occurs, 用户可以访问源代码, allowing the applications to be maintained and further developed; this ensures business continuity.

Barrhead Travel可以访问英国最大的票价数据库, meaning that they can provide the best flight prices ac罗斯 more than 140 airlines – including special fares to the USA and 加拿大.

作为英国最大的独立旅行社之一, barbarhead Travel拥有丰富的专业知识. 你会得到最好的选择和价格,以及公正的建议.

Barrhead is also offering members the added perk of a guaranteed 5% discount on ABTA tour operators’ holidays, barbarhead Travel自有品牌假期优惠高达10%, 提供最多14天的免费标准欧洲保险*. 拥有25个分支机构和450多名知识渊博、友好的旅游专家, 没有比预订旅行更好的方式了. 专业部门,从商务旅行到邮轮到美国 & 加拿大, 从城市到遥远的假期, mean that there is a wide variety of options on offer that will appeal to all travel tastes

How to claim your discount : Simply advise Barrhead Travel at the initial enquiry stage that you are a member of ScotlandIS, 他们会确保你的折扣适用.

来看看barbarhead旅行社能为你做些什么, 只需拨打0800 083 6612或弹出到您当地的商店为您的个人报价.

As a member of ScotlandIS, you have exclusive access to the Barrhead Travel members’ only offers, 你可以在WWW上找到这些.员工出差.co.uk


For all your conference call needs look no further, 创造性的会议 have you covered.

创造性的会议是音频和在线会议专家, 提供完全集成的音频, 视频和网络会议解决方案. All products are cloud based, simple to operate and work from current phone and IT systems.

该团队拥有广泛的行业和业务部门的专业知识, 允许最具成本效益和效率, 为您的企业提供在线会议和培训解决方案.

创造性的会议 are proud to offer all ScotlandIS members the following promotions on audio, 视频和网络会议服务.



FreeAgent是一个超过50人使用的在线会计应用程序,世界各地的自由职业者和小企业主. 它在评论上被评为5星.co.uk and was voted Best Small Business Accounting Application in the 2017 Software Satisfaction Awards.

它可以让你在任何地方经营你的整个业务. 你可以发送发票, 跟踪时间和费用, 分析银行对账单,建立实时账户, 一切都很简单,没有令人困惑的会计术语.
他们的客户表示,这让他们重新掌控了自己的企业财务, 甚至让写书变得有趣. 不,真的!

作为对博天堂入口会员的特别优惠, FreeAgent is offering a 2 month free trial and a 10% lifetime discount if you choose to subscribe. 除此之外,FreeAgent还为新客户提供前6个月50%的折扣.


获得Frog Systems健康平台Ashia的折扣访问权.

旨在帮助用户应对工作场所的压力和压力, 在家里也是一样, ScotlandIS members will receive a 20% discount to access the full benefits of the platform.

亚西亚为员工提供全面的资源, 覆盖心理健康等16个主要健康领域, 金融健康, 面对虐待、多样性和包容性. 内容包括访谈, 播客, 小组会议以及来自领先专家和从业者的提示和建议.


Tackling difficult staffing issues, particularly with key staff members, can be difficult. 在技术上是正确的, 同时找到最实际和最务实的解决方案, 与此同时,管理这种情况下的情绪也是一项挑战. Why not get free help from professionals who deal with your “once in a lifetime” situations all the time.

We are delighted to offer Scotland IS members special rates for HR advice in handling tricky staff issues or preventing people problems happening in the first place. 你将获得前30分钟的免费建议, giving you the choice whether to then handle the situation yourselves or work with us at discounted rates to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

人力资源部门是英国领先的人力资源提供商之一, 为各行各业数以千计的组织提供支持. We provide local and personal advice, and make sure that it is practical and pragmatic. 我们提供全面的人力资源服务. We have local offices in various locations ac罗斯 Scotland and are known for our practical and pragmatic advice.


Get in touch for 30 minutes free HR advice plus 5% off our services and training for ScotlandIS members. 伊恩Pilbeam. 电话:0131 297 7545. 访问:www.hrdept.co.uk

健康 & 来自卫生部门的安全建议和支持 & 安全部门.

不是每个企业都有能力雇佣自己的员工 & 安全专家,但无论你的预算是多少,责任都是一样的.

H & S Dept give you your own named locally based expert who will work with you to build and deliver on your H & 并在此过程中为您提供充分的保险.

我们很高兴为博天堂入口会员提供健康方面的特别优惠 & 安全建议.

您将免费获得前30分钟的建议, giving you the choice whether to then handle the situation yourselves or work with us at discounted rates to plan for a safe and secure future.

欲了解更多信息,请联系H&电话0131 297 7545或电邮rob.moore@hrdept.co.uk

Take your business to the next level with leadership coaching from Leadership Factory.

Personalised learning is the most effective way to make a real impact on the way you do things. 这就是教练的作用所在. 我们高度评价的指导方法帮助人们获得个人洞察力, tackle difficult situations and develop their own self-coaching ability to see them through their careers. 我们帮助人们达到最佳状态!

教练可以为你提供支持, 挑战和新的学习,真正推动你和你的组织走向成功. 领导者可以使用指导来:

All of our coaches are highly experienced and have their own unique styles to help you unlock you and your team’s potential. They will work to ensure you have impactful experience and achieve tangible objectives and actions.

博天堂入口会员, 领导力工厂为我们的标准培训套餐提供折扣. Four half day sessions with one of our expert coaches for 10% discount and a complementary 360 degree feedback report.

请通过brian@leadershipfactory与Brian Glennie联系.co.查阅详情.


ScotlandIS has partnered with London North Eastern Railway (LNER) to offer our members discounts when travelling to/from Edinburgh, 纽卡斯尔, 达勒姆, 约克和伦敦的国王十字车站.

LNER is the new operator of rail services along the East Coast Main Line between Scotland and London.

To benefit from a 25% discount on the Standard Anytime with LNER’s new Corporate Single, and 20% off the Scottish Executive package all you need to do is contact ScotlandIS for a promo code, apply for a free business account on LNER’s online booking tool for small businesses – LNER4Business – quote the ScotlandIS members special code on your application form, 折扣会自动加到你的账户里——再简单不过了.

如欲了解更多有关标准公司随时单次优惠的信息 点击这里 (25%折扣)

了解更多有关博天堂入口行政人员福利的信息 点击这里 (20%折扣)


My1Login are offering 25% off an annual subscriptions for over 20 users for ScotlandIS members.


My1login解决了记住和管理企业密码的问题. 设置时间不到5分钟, My1login与现有的商业密码一起工作, 允许员工只需一次登录即可访问网站.

因为员工不再需要记住密码, 它们可以变得坚固和独特, 提高业务安全性. My1login还提供了密码访问的审计跟踪, 消除不安全的密码存储和共享问题, 并使员工轻松离职.

my1login improves business security and makes the web simpler for employees allowing them to sign into sites with one click.


Get 12 months best-in-class cloud hosting and practical advice completely free of charge with SoftLayer’s Catalyst Startup Program.




由于对公司不安全网站的大量攻击和破坏, 以及当前我们在新型冠状病毒肺炎期间面临的不确定时期, BlueShield IT are offering to conduct a complimentary 网站漏洞扫描 for any business concerned about their security.


了解更多有关我们如何为您的企业带来好处的信息, 并帮助博天堂入口发展数字经济, 或者现在就加入.




To find out more about our membership packages and to tell us more about your business

  01506 472 200 罗斯.murray@mysurvery.com